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Movement & Meditation on your time!

Your life doesn’t look the same from day to day or week to week. When things get hectic or you’re on a schedule that varies constantly, you need movement and meditation practices that fit into your time. Our lessons range from 10-60 minutes, so you can choose how much time to commit.

With the Feldenkrais® and Mindfulness Membership, you can move through our Awareness Through Movement® lessons and Mindfulness Practices on your own schedule in the comfort of your home ...or on the road. Heck, you can even grab a friend or loved one and move together!

Conscious Movements helps you to move through life with ease...

Designed to invoke the curiosity & passion you had for movement as a child and merge it with the wisdom & intelligence you have as an adult.

The truth is that you probably stopped learning and practicing new physical skills sometime in early childhood— you rolled around, you crawled, you walked, you ran, you jumped… then what happened? If you’re like most people, you sat down and started working. Before you knew it your curiosity had started to wane and your discomfort began to soar.


Maybe you're simply interested in Meditation but can't sit still? We've all heard that meditation is good for us, and can help with a wide range of problems. But with all the information out there, where do you start?

Meditation doesn't have to be hard and Mindfulness can be a lot of fun! Both can be powerful allies in living a more embodied and fulfilled life. You don't have to sign up to a religious belief system. You don't have to follow only one prescribed form of meditation. It doesn't even have to be time-consuming.

Why An Online Membership?

Because it is often hard for busy people to get to a class as frequently as they would like or find an instructor they are comfortable with. Heck, here in the USA there are many communities that don't even have a local Feldenkrais Practitioner®.

That said, practicing with others is different than practicing alone and both are a vital part of having an on-going practice. So please, if you have an instructor or meditation community in your area then join others in moving & finding stillness and let this platform support your home practice!

Who Is This For

• Movers, shakers and mindfulness makers... and those who want to be!
• Those seeking support in developing a Home Practice.
• Those who don't have a local Feldenkrais Practitioner® or Meditation Teacher.
• Anyone who travels and wants a guided practice on the go.
• All curious souls who want to be embodied.

Who This Is NOT For

• Those with chronic pain or a disabling disease who have not already worked with a Feldenkrais Practitioner®.

• Anyone with a condition or taking medication that affects their ability to sense pain or discomfort or affects their ability to control their position and movement.

• Those looking for a quick fix! This work and this membership was created to support those who want to keep learning and growing for life.


Movements For Meditators

Are you interested in meditation but can't sit still? Or maybe a lack of comfort is what keeps you from the cushion? Or perhaps you find your mind racing and simply don't believe you're capable of finding your 'zen'?

We live in a complicated world that pulls our attention in every direction. And although a lot of these distractions are interesting and fun, the business of it all can tie us into stressful knots.

So we think we 'should' make time to sit and meditate. Only when we think about meditating, our iddy biddy shiddy committee pipes in with all the ways we'll fail at sitting. Or maybe you make it past the committee only to discover that your discomfort becomes yet another distraction. Now instead of being relaxing or insightful, meditation itself becomes another knot.

Well, have no fear because this series will help you to ease into practice, find a practice that works for you, and help you to integrate mindfulness throughout your day.

We'll begin with movement. By changing our habits of movement, we relax and awaken the body; by changing our habits of thinking, we awaken and relax the mind.

We'll explore the mind. We'll take some time to explore our beliefs and expectations. This will give us a chance to see what we take with us onto the cushion — what stops us, what ensures that we'll be uncomfortable at some level.

We'll find ways to bring what we practice in Movement & Meditation into your daily life. Why? Because practice isn't simply about the time we spend on a cushion, it's about deepening our experience of life.

Join us for this Movement & Mindfulness series and re-learn how to find a sense of ease and grace in your everyday movements!

"In reality our self-image is never static. It changes from action to action, but these changes gradually become habits; that is, the actions on a fixed, unchanging character."
—Moshe Feldenkrais

This 6-week series will guide you through easy and accessible practices that you can use and enjoy as part of your everyday movements. Each week you'll receive an Awareness Through Movement® lesson designed to help you learn more about yourself as you find more comfort in sitting. You'll also receive several short mindfulness & movement practices created specifically to help you to stay on track. Most importantly, you'll be guided in a way that will allow you to develop your awareness of the habits that wreak havoc, the practices you can do to remedy the strain and fully guided to easily integrate this work into your daily life.


What You'll Receive With
Your Membership

Weekly Dose Of Movement & Meditation

Freedom, Control, Convenience
The key elements of success! Once you become a member, you'll receive instant access to the current month's movement & meditation lessons. Moving forward, you'll receive a new theme each month. Each theme last 4-6 weeks, followed by a two week break.

Awareness Through Movement® Classes & Recorded Audio
Stay inspired, continue growing and keep moving with weekly LIVE & Online classes throughout each theme. In fact, each class will be offered twice a week so that you can choose the time that works best for you!

Current Online Class Schedule:
Tuesdays at 5:30 pm (US Eastern Time)
Thursdays at 12:00 pm

conscious movementsConscious Play Mini-Movement Audio
Move more throughout your day! The Conscious Play audios are short 5-10 minute movement segments related to that week's class. Most are even designed so that you can do them your desk or standing in line.

feldenkrais membershipGuided Meditation, Self-Scan or Mindfulness Practice Audio
Your ability to pay attention & expand your awareness will grow with every 10-20 minute practice. Improve your focus & deepen your sense peace with yourself & others... instead of always feeling distracted by your running mind.

mindfulness membershipGrow Your Mind
Each week you'll receive one of the following mind nourishing goodies: Inspired Awareness to take your practice of the floor and into the world. Geek Squeaks and Anatomy notes to keep you learning and growing.

Conscious Perks & Community Benefits

conscious movements membershipMember Only Discounts
• 20% Discount on our Specialized Online Courses
• 10%-50% Off Select In-Person or Live Stream Events*
• Special Member Rates For New Courses (see Advanced Access below)

Request A Theme
One of the BIG benefits of being part of the Conscious Movements Club is that you get a say in the themes that are taught. That's right! I'll take requests and do my best to get to each theme in a timely manner.

feldenkrais membershipOnline Community
An ultra supportive members-only private Facebook Group for sharing, connecting, discussing and more. Our exclusive Facebook group offers a platform for LIVE Q&A, community and so much more!

mindful movementConscious Reading Club
The Conscious Reading Club happens online within the Private Facebook Group. We'll spend 6-8 weeks reading & discussing that current book of choice.

Advanced Access
You'll be part of a very special community that receives advanced access to my new courses. Yippie! This means you'll get super special rates (and occasional freebies) and your feedback will help me to create courses that better serve you!

Special Invitations
You will also receive invitations to my special live and online events. Now in the name of transparency, some of these events will be open to the general public at no charge. But you'll still be nearest and dearest to my heart.

*Discount depends on location & type of event.

Your Instructor

Buffy Owens
Buffy Owens

Everyone is moved by something.

What's moved and motivated me has shifted throughout the years. In my early days of exploring the mind & body, I was moved to heal. I was driven by just enough dysfunction to evoke a desire for something different.... something more.

Gradually what moved me shifted.

Today, I'm moved by a deep sense of awe and curiosity! I lean into my personal practice (read spiritual vow) through my work at Conscious Movements, an online and in the flesh Feldenkrais & Holistic Health Coaching studio. I use movement, mindfulness and the almighty menu to teach others how to tap into their unique bio-individualty to thrive. My primary focus is on empowering movers, shakers and mindfulness makers…. and all of those who want to be, the skills they need to move past the discomfort that is holding them back from living fully!

Frequently Asked Questions

I've never done a Feldenkrais class before. Will this be suitable for me?
Yes! The membership is designed to be very welcoming and appropriate for beginners as well as for people who've taken Feldenkrais classes or one-to-one lessons before.
How Does The Membership Work?
The Movement Membership gives you instant access to weekly audios and other materials as soon as new content is added. The monthly fee is an automatically recurring payment until you cancel. If you choose to purchase the Annual payment, it will automatically recur on the anniversary of your sign up date.
How will I connect to the Online Community?
Unlike the core material in this membership, which can all be accessed here, the platform for the 'Online Community' is a exclusive and private Facebook Group. You will need to have a personal Facebook account in order to participate in the community. Participating in the community is optional, you choose if you would like to join in or not.
How long do I have access to the materials?
As long as Teachable is around, you have unlimited access to every monthly theme and course you enroll in— across any and all devices you own.
Can I view the course material on my smartphone or tablet?
Yes! The course is completely responsive and will work on your computer as well as any mobile device you choose. So don't fret, you can have easy access to your movement and meditation on-the-go.
Will I get immediate access?
Yes!! As soon as enroll, you'll have access to the current month's theme. Moving forward, each month will bring you a new theme for your movement and meditation pleasure.
What if I am unhappy with the membership?
We would never want you to be unhappy! However, if you are unsatisfied with your purchase then please contact me in the first 30 days and I'ill give you a full refund. After the 30-days, you can simply cancel your subscription from within your dashboard.

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