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Rewire you pain, reclaim your life!

The Body + Brain Membership and Community is an online resource designed to help people to reduce their chronic pain, move with greater ease, and feel more in control. It's also a hub, for like-minded and proactive people to come together to learn about pain, reduce their suffer, and transform their lives.

NOTE: This program is still in the beta phase of development and is being offered at lower rate. All of those who join in the Body + Brain fun during the beta period will lock the special rate in for as long as they are members.

You've tried it all and still your pain persists. It's time for a different approach to your pain! Let me show you how working with the body + brain can be different. The Body + Brain Membership and Community will focus on Four Key Practices for shifting pain and enhancing well-being.

easier movement with feldenkrais


Discover how your movement habits are contributing to your pain and how to move without pain and more ease. This is more than just eliminating bio-mechanical stressors, it's getting to the heart of how you embody yourself in motion.

With the Feldenkrais® On Demand portion of the membership, you can move through our Awareness Through Movement® lessons on your own schedule in the comfort of your home ...or on the road. Heck, you can even grab a friend or loved one and move together!

Thinking + Feeling

A BIG part of how we think depends on our mindset. But your mindset is more than mere thinking, it's a core belief about how the world works. And this belief colors how you think, feel, and act. In other words, your mindset influences how you think and how you think can either perpetuate pain and limitations or enhance your overall well-being.

Emotions are a part of our evolution as humans. Emotions are inherited, habituated and learned. We create and influence our emotions, sometimes involuntarily and other times voluntarily, through how we move or restrain ourselves. But more than that, emotions are intimately involved with our experience of pain. Once we start to understand how our emotions, thinking, and movements relate to and impact one another; we begin to refine our ability to stop pain and develop a better sense of resiliency.

Calming + Regulating

The intentional self-regulation of attention from moment to moment that you learn in meditation and mindfulness is an integral part in calming your nervous system.The practice in the Mindfulness + Meditation On Demand portion of the membership are specifically designed to help you to take time out from the stresses of modern life, and to tune in to the subtle states of life.


Certain lifestyle habits and choices over time result in metabolic imbalances which promote a more inflammatory environment. Food is one of those lifestyle habits that can have a BIG impact on our inflammation. As part of the Clean Eating portion of the membership, you'll receive weekly menus for easy Clean Eating meals. Every menu is specifically designed to keep cooking easy while helping you to feel fully satisfied. There'll be no feeling deprived here. But more than that, you'll be invited to explore how your foods make you feel — physically, mentally, and emotionally.

So join in the fun, become a member and prepare for a bit of transformation as these lessons unravel some of your deep patterns of holding and expand your ability to engage with life!

Why An Online Membership?

Because it can be challenging to get to a class as frequently as we'd like. Class schedules don't always work with the schedules of our lives, bad weather can keep us away, and might simply hunger for more than just a 'one day a week' experience. Heck, here in the USA there are many communities that don't even have a local Feldenkrais Practitioner® or offer regular meditation classes.

That said, practicing with others is different than practicing alone and both are a vital part of having an ongoing practice. So please, if you have an instructor or meditation community in your area then join others in moving & finding stillness and let this platform support your home practice!

Who Is This For

  • Those who believe in the power of nourishing the body + brain.
  • Anyone who wants to develop a home practice.
  • Those interested in clean eating — meal plans, food substitutions, food prep tips, mini-challenges, and more.
  • Those looking to supplement their learning and expand their grow. Especially those who are already working with a Feldenkrais Practitioner or Health Coach.
  • Anyone who wants an accessible library of guided practices to do at home or on the go.
  • Everyone who knows and understands that continual learning, developing healthy habits, and pursuing personal growth + self-discovery are important factors in living long and happy life.

Who This Is NOT For

  • Those who would benefit by starting with a Step-by-Step program and/or the guidance and support of a professional.
  • Those with chronic pain or a disabling disease who have not already worked with a Feldenkrais Practitioner®.
  • Anyone with a condition or taking medication that affects their ability to sense pain or discomfort or affects their ability to control their position and movement.
  • Those looking for a quick fix! This work and this membership were created to support those who understand that change, even positive change, is a process.

What You'll Receive With Your Membership

Freedom, Control, Convenience
The key elements of success! Once you become a member, you'll receive instant access to the Feldenkrais & Mindfulness library. There you'll discover a variety of ways to search for the lessons you need most.

Awareness Through Movement® Recorded Audios
Each month you'll receive at least one brand-spanking-new Awareness Through Movement lesson. But to keep you motivated and moving, I'll send you a weekly suggested lesson or featured series. Some of the lessons are very short and easy-to-do others are longer and more complex. All are sessions that you can do in the comfort of your own home, office, or on the train or plane.

feldenkrais membership

Guided Meditations, Self-Scans or Mindfulness Practices
Your ability to pay attention & expand your awareness will grow with every 10-20 minute practice. These recorded audio practices are designed to help you reduce pain, improve your focus, and/or deepen your sense of peace. You'll learn how to improve your ability to self-regulate and expand your capacity to be compassionate with yourself and others. Plus we'll be adding a new practice each month to keep you inspired to rewire.

Monthly Nourishing Tips & Clean Eating Menu
Each month you’ll receive a Nourishing Tip to help you to grow your healthy habits. You'll also receive access to two suggested menus, one omnivore and one vegetarian-friendly, full of delicious and wholesomely nutritious eats — complete with a shopping list, food prep suggestions and more. We'll explore a variety of different clean eating approaches from the Autoimmune Protocol to simple and easy clean eating meals. We'll also make sure to tell you a bit about the menus you'll receive and give suggestions on substitutions for a variety of needs.

Conscious Perks & Community Benefits

conscious movements membership

Member Only Discounts
• 20% Discount on all of my Movement & Mindfulness Series & Courses
• Special Member Rates For New Courses (see Advanced Access below)

Request A Theme
One of the BIG benefits of being part of the Conscious Movements Club is that you get a say in the themes that are taught. That's right! I'll take requests and do my best to get to each theme in a timely manner.

feldenkrais membership

Online Community
An ultra supportive members & student only private Facebook Group for sharing, connecting, discussing and more. Our exclusive Facebook group offers a platform for LIVE Q&A, community and so much more!

mindful movement

Conscious Reading Club
The Conscious Reading Club happens online within the Conscious Reading Club Facebook Group. We spend 6-8 weeks reading & discussing that current book of choice.

Advanced Access
You'll be part of a very special community that receives advanced access to my new courses. Yippie! This means you'll get super special rates (and occasional freebies) and your feedback will help me to create courses that better serve you!

Special Invitations
You will also receive invitations to my special live and online events. Now in the name of transparency, some of these events will be open to the general public at no charge. But you'll still be nearest and dearest to my heart.

Your Instructor

Buffy Owens
Buffy Owens

Everyone is moved by something.

What's moved and motivated me has shifted throughout the years. In my early days of exploring the mind & body, I was moved to heal. I was driven by just enough dysfunction to evoke a desire for something different.... something more.

Gradually what moved me shifted.

Today, I'm moved by a deep sense of awe and curiosity! I lean into my personal practice (read spiritual vow) through my work at Conscious Movements, an online and in the flesh Feldenkrais & Holistic Health Coaching studio. I use movement, mindfulness and the almighty menu to teach others how to tap into their unique bio-individuality to thrive. My primary focus is on empowering movers, shakers and mindfulness makers…. and all of those who want to be, with the skills they need to move past the discomfort that is holding them back from living fully!

Frequently Asked Questions

I've never taken a Feldenkrais class before. Will this be suitable for me?
Yes! The membership is designed to be very welcoming and appropriate for beginners as well as for people who've taken Feldenkrais classes or one-on-one lessons before. In fact, I've got a special beginners series all ready to go for you and every lesson is marked as beginner, intermediate, or advanced.
How Does The Membership Work?
The On Demand Feldenkrais & Mindfulness Membership gives you instant access to the lesson library. Each week, you'll receive an email with a suggested lesson or series. From time-to-time, you'll even be invited to join in on a challenge or specialized series. The fee is an automatically recurring payment based on the payment option you choose. If you choose to purchase the Annual payment, it will automatically recur on the anniversary of your sign up date. You are always free to cancel at any time.
How will I connect to the Online Community?
Unlike the core material in this membership, which can all be accessed here, the platform for the 'Online Community' is an exclusive and private Facebook Group. You will need to have a personal Facebook account in order to participate in the community. Participating in the community is optional, you choose if you would like to join in or not.
How long do I have access to the materials?
You have unlimited access to the Feldenkrais & Mindfulness library for as long as you are enrolled as a member.
Can I view the course material on my smartphone or tablet?
Yes! The course is completely responsive and will work on your computer as well as any mobile device you choose. So don't fret, you can have easy access to your movement and meditation on-the-go.
Will I get immediate access?
Yes!! As soon as you enroll, you'll have access to the whole On Demand Library!
What if I am unhappy with the membership?
We would never want you to be unhappy! However, if you are unsatisfied with your purchase then please contact me in the first 30 days and I'll give you a full refund. After the 30-days, you can simply cancel your subscription from within your dashboard.

Get started now!